Ranch Sorting Fundamentals – Training Drill

Our goal in the sorting pen is not only to stop the bad cows from getting through, but most importantly showing good horsemanship. When you incorporate these drills into your everyday riding outside of the competition you will be able to perform with your horse in a more smooth and efficient manner. When your horsemanship is good then your horse will perform better. Take these drills an implement them so that you and your horse can perform at your absolute best in the competitive ring.

URSA – Great Ranch Sorting Season

We had a great season this year with the URSA. My horse performed well and we had a lot of fun in the process! We were blessed to be named the Champion for the Novice Division and came home with a brand new saddle! We also placed 1st in the #4 class which won us a new bridle! Very excited about this next year’s season and all of the other ranch sorting competitions in between! We will be competing in more RSNC sortings over the next several months to be able to qualify to participate in the RSNC championships in Oklahoma in 2015. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MarkMoffittHorses

Mark and Breezey