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A Psalm Under Night Skies

O Lord, my Lord, your name is Awesome!
In created things I see your touch.
I hear your praise on the wind in the sage,
From bawlin’ calves, and babies and such.

When I consider your night skies, God,
The moon and stars, all works of your fingers,
I wonder, what’s a cowboy to you, Lord?
But you care ’bout me – and this thought lingers.

Somehow a broken down, busted cowpoke
Rates up with angels in your heavenly host.
You bless my days in the saddle, and make me
boss of your spread, from mountain to coast.

All cattle grazing the canyons are yours;
Every prairie hawk, rattler, or bobcat I see;
Every cuthroat leapin’ the stream is yours, too –
Like me, alive by your blessing, wild ‘n free.

O Lord, my Lord, your name is Awesome!
And it’s comfortin’ to know…you think about me!

~Based on Psalm 8, by David Kopp

Just for Fun!

Wanted to post this just for fun! I was riding and noticed my little girl doing the same things that I was doing.  I wasn’t telling her she was just doing them. So I told my wife to watch so we decided to record it. Thought you all would like to see too!

To Your Training Success,

Mark Moffitt

Mark Moffitt