Why Is “Softness” Important?

The number 1 reason to acquire softness in your horse’s face and body is SAFETY!

If you do not achieve true softness in your horse you are asking for a wreck at one time or another.

Things that could happen and will most likely happen if your horse is not soft:

1. Run Away
2. Won’t Stop
3. Run your leg into something
4. No Respect

We all love to watch the old western movies, but if you notice the horse’s reaction to the cowboy’s pulling them to a stop or slowing them down….it is not soft, it is actually pretty ugly. That is NOT what we want our horses to look like at all when we pull on them.

Our horses should be soft in their face and in their body. When you pull there should be a lightness and immediate response to the slightest pressure, when you put your leg on them to side pass, spin, move the shoulders or the hip they should immediately and quietly move away from the lightest pressure.

When you achieve true softness (lightness) in your horse he will stop, collect, side pass, etc with smoothness and ease.

*****Remember acquiring softness takes consistent TIME. It will not be achieved over night or in a couple sessions. Be patient and do not get in a hurry. The goal is to build everyday to establish a strong foundation in your horse’s mind for a lifetime of riding!

To Your Training Success,

Mark Moffitt