What I’ve Been Up To

I am sorry I haven’t kept up on my site like I had hoped things have been pretty busy… Here are a couple videos of some things I’ve been up to this past fall and winter!

Cattle Sorting Events
(I am in the black cowboy hat in both videos and that is my personal horse…she loves the cows!)


Team AD International Accreditation Program

This is my personal horse that I am using to graduate from Al Dunning’s Team AD International Program.  I have been working on this through the fall and winter also. This was one of the skills I needed to pass off. Almost half way through the program and the goal is to be done with all the skill assessments by the end of this summer and then will head down to the Almosta Ranch and get some one on one time with Al then I will have completed the program! It has been a great experience and learning time for me! Always trying to become a better trainer for my horses and clients!

There’s a little update on what I’ve been up to!

Mark Moffitt

Mark Moffitt