“Camo”- 2 Days Before Showtime

It’s  showtime!

This is 2 days before we compete at the Impact of the Horse Competition in Heber City, UT.  I have had him for 6 months and he has come a long way in his training since we started. This is all foundation training. He’s no where near finished, but he has a great foundation that will allow him to progress in his training and will allow him to do whatever is asked of him.

Enjoy the Video!

It’s all about the foundation you put on a horse when you start him, if you have a good foundation you will be able to take that horse anywhere!

Training Your Horses,

Mark Moffitt

Mark Moffitt

Follow the Progress – “Blue”

I will be training this horse for 6 months, from start to competing in the Impact of the Horse Competition in Heber, UT. I will be posting video of this horse’s progress periodically over the next 6 months for you to follow and watch the transformation as we work.

Enjoy the Ride!

Video 1 – Introducing “Blue”

Video 2 – One Month Later – Preparing for the Second Ride

(Sorry my video says “First Ride” it is actually the Second)

Video 3 – Second Ride

(Make sure you watch the whole thing to see the excitement and end progress.)

Enjoy the Ride,

Mark Moffitt

Mark Moffitt