Groundwork Importance

Groundwork though at times tedious and monotonous, is a very key element to training a safe and respectful horse.

Everything rises and falls on the foundational groundwork you have instilled into your horse.

When You are having problems with control, confidence, and respect from your horse then it is key to go back to the groundwork to reestablish those boundaries.

Remember, training doesn’t begin on the horse’s back. From the time you step into it’s stall to the time you put it back and step out of it’s stall you are training it. Training is a constant state when you are with your horse.

When your horse is not responsive, respectful, trusting, and a joy to be with when you are doing the little things and you aren’t correcting the misbehavior properly then you are encouraging improper behavior and that improper behavior will show up later as you continue to progress in it’s training.

So REMEMBER, proper groundwork is very important to having a great relationship with your horse.