Haltering -The First Time

In this video you will see the steps to haltering a horse for the first time. This horse is actually a 3 year old mustang getting haltered for the very first time in his life after only 4 days of real human handling.

You will see I am using a rope. The purpose of the rope is to create a stronger connection between me and the horse which allows the process to speed up a little. The horse finds that he is connected to me no matter what movement he chooses to make. He cannot get away from me even if he were to “try”. Not only is it to create a stronger connection, but also allows me to create more movement as far as round penning goes. For lazier horses it gives an added encouragement to move when asked. It is also a great way to get the horse comfortable with ropes on it’s entire body. I do not use the rope in any kind of harmful way to the horse it is solely a tool to help in the process of getting this horse to learn that no matter what I bring into it’s life it will not be hurt and therefore causes the horse to trust me even more. The horse is never afraid of the rope, and I can touch the horse on it’s entire body with it and the horse is very relaxed. Just as you would use a bit in its mouth to apply pressure for a specific action the rope is also used to apply a specific amount of pressure for a specific action. The more I bring into the horse’s life the more it will trust me no matter what may be going on around him.

Haltering A Horse – The First Experience

***Remember before this can be accomplished the basic round penning procedures must be followed to create respect and trust to be able to safely and successfully approach your horse.

To Your Training Success,

Mark Moffitt

Mark Moffitt